Mil levy election set for today

PNT Staff

Roosevelt County residents, today, will get to decided whether to keep a property tax in place to help pay for infrastructure and maintenance of Portales School District buildings.

The election takes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If the mil levy is retained a property tax of $2 for each $1,000 of net taxable value on property within the school district will continue. The property tax would be imposed through 2010.

The money generated from the mil levy portion of property taxes during the 2006-2010 years could only be used by the schools for renovations such as carpet replacements, room painting, new windows to help save on energy costs and leasing vehicles.

If voters discontinue the mil levy, it would mean a reduction of property taxes property owners pay. For example, the owner of a residential property with a $50,000 net taxable value would pay $33.33 less annually if the mil levy is not approved.

A residential property owner living in the district who has a $50,000 net taxable property value would pay $390.16 in property taxes for all of the mil levies already in place. If the voters decline to continue the mil levy that same person would pay a property tax total of $356.81 annually.

Voters need to refer their voter identification cards to determine their polling place for the Mil Levy Election. If their voter card identification identifies a school district with the number 57 they are eligible to vote in the election.