ENMU fraternity fundraiser benefits cancer survivor

By William Thompson

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Eastern New Mexico Unversity will donate some of the proceeds from it’s ninth annual “cow drop” to benefit the family of a teen cancer survivor.

Portales resident Dominga Carrasco, 13, was diagnosed with bone cancer in October. She eventually wound up at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. where doctors removed a benign tumor from her sinus cavity.

The surgery was 100 percent successful, according to her family and now doctors expect to pronounce a full recovery for Carrasco after upcoming checkups. The frequent trips to Minnesota and to Albuquerque to see her oncologist have created a financial strain for Carrasco’s family, and now they say their burden will be eased with money from the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

“We’re really appreciative for the help they (the fraternity) are giving us,” Rosalie Carrasco, Dominga’s mother said. ”We’ve got a trip coming up to the Mayo Clinic and then we’ll be going to Albuquerque for periodic checkups with her oncologist.”

Mario Cabrera, president of the ENMU Kappa Sigma chapter, said last year the fraternity gave away $8,000 of the proceeds from the cow drop. This year they’ll be donating to the Carrascos and the Friends of Eastern Association which provides scholarships for incoming freshmen at ENMU.

Cabrera said the cow drop started as a way to raise funds for the fraternity so membership dues could remain low. He said fraternity members heard about the Carrascos’ plight and decided to investigate.

Fraternity members discovered Dominga’s case was a legitimate cause and decided to make her the recipient of part of their proceeds.

“I talked briefly with Dominga by phone,” Cabrera said. “I introduced myself and asked her if she could attend the ENMU faculty barbecue on March 15 when we could present her with the money we raised. She sounded upbeat and said she planed to be there.”

Cabrera said fraternity members are busy selling tickets for the cow drop scheduled for Sunday at 10 a.m.

“The night before we will draw a grid inside an ENMU Rodeo Arena pen. Numbers from the tickets sold will be placed randomly on the grid,” he said. “The next day a cow from ENMU’s rodeo team will be let into the pen.”

What happens next is not for the squeamish. Cabrera said the cow will then be allowed to drop it’s manure anywhere it wants on the grid. The square on which the largest amount of manure is piled will be the winning square.

“The person with the number on the winning square wins $500 and the eight surrounding squares win $50 each, Cabrera said.”Tickets are $5 and a book of 10 costs $50.”
Cabrera said although many people buy tickets, not as many are hardy enough to show up to watch the cow do its business inside the arena.

Cabrera said it’s too soon to tell how much money the cow drop will bring in, but the event has generated good funds in the past which bodes well for Dominga and her family.
Rosalie Carrasco said Dominga isn’t quite her old self just yet, but she is improving.

“She’s had a rough road,” she said.

To purchase tickets for the cow drop call 359-1400