‘Alternative country’ working out well for Terry

Freedom Newspapers

Kene Terry thinks performing on stage is great. Selling albums and getting on TV would be good too. But Terry’s not out for fame. He just likes jamming with his buddies.

“I like the camaraderie,” Terry said. “I like when we get together and make it up as we go along.”

Terry, of Clovis, is releasing his first album, “Let Me Down,” next week. The title track is a product of the organic, make-it-up-as-you-go style he enjoys.

“It started as a slower song,” Terry said. “When we got to Austin, it kind of emerged as a faster paced song.

“It’s just a cool song. It’s about how you get down in the dumps sometimes, when you feel like you’re getting up to your fill. It’s got bluesy lyrics, but it sounds like a rock song.”

Terry, 24, recorded his album over five busy days last February in Austin, Texas.

He describes his sound as a mix between traditional country and modern rock.

“I call it alternative country,” Terry said. “It’s a long way from mainstream country.”

When Terry was 16, he got a guitar as a present. He dabbled with it, but it was not exactly love at first strum.
“It was hardly even a hobby,” Terry said.

His interest for playing music took off when he went to college. Terry, from Logan, attended college at West Texas A&M, then Eastern New Mexico University.

“When I got to college, I had time to be a slacker,” Terry said. “I had time to pick up the guitar and time to go to live shows.”

One night, Terry was playing music at a party and he met a handful of other students who liked to make music. They formed a band, Marshall Lane, and played together constantly.

After college, the band split up, but Terry credits Marshall Lane for influencing his style and kindling his fire for music.

“We all influenced each other,” Terry said. “We had always talked about doing an album, but it always fell through. It never happened.”

Terry’s first name draws plenty of funny looks and wrong pronunciations. Kene, pronounced Kenny, said his first name is not a made-up promotional tool.

“It’s my birth name,” Terry said. “I don’t know why it’s spelled like that. Most of the men in my family have a name that starts with ‘K.’”

Although his first name does not have a story behind it, his middle name, Lane, has one with a musical twist.

“My mom couldn’t think of a middle name,” Terry said. “And she liked the Beatles’ ‘Penny Lane.’ I think that’s pretty cool.”