Heritage Days all fun and games

By Paula Cronic: PNT Staff Writer

The Heritage Days parade, filled with everything from horses and John Deere tractors to water-spraying puppets and the Rat Pack Jeep Club, drew a crowd of Portales residents Saturday.

Attending the parade has become part of tradition for Vicki Aguilar and her family.

“We come every year, for the festivities and for the chance to get out and mingle with the community,” Aguilar said.
A few blocks down, 11-year-old Christopher Clubb sat in-between his grandparents, while waiting for the parade to pass by.

“I like getting away from the house and seeing all the cool cars,” said Clubb, who was attending the parade with his grandparents for a third year in a row.

Meanwhile, at City Park vendors set up booths with jewelry, crafts and food.

Leroy Segura of Clovis was at the park with his wife, son and grandson. The two boys played as Segura and his wife sat and watched. He said they were all enjoying the day out and were looking forward to a shaved ice.

“The small town atmosphere is what we like about (Heritage Days),” he said.

Tammy Hall of Portales resident also came with her family.
“It’s good, clean family fun,” Hall said.

Wendy Toombs set up a spot at the park where children could ride ponies,

“For some it’s the one and only time they will have a chance to ride horses. So they enjoy it and it’s a lot of fun for us too,” Tombs said. “You don’t so much get the verbal expression (from the children) but their bodies express what it’s like for them. Their eyes get wide and they have big grins while they lean over and pet them,” Toombs said.

Heritage Days was also a chance for artists and craftsmen to show their work.

Roy Prather of Levelland, Texas, showed off his woodcraft work, which included crosses and other home decor.
“We’re just enjoying the day,” Prather said. “It seems like a real good turnout, and everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves.”

The car show and motorcycle competitions provided for part of the festivities as well.

Christian bluegrass music was scheduled for later in the day.