New instructor wants students, parents involved in class’ direction

By Tonya Fennell: Freedom Newspapers

A hands-on learning environment is what Gwyn Del Toro hopes to create in her fourth-grade classroom.

A first-time teacher, Del Toro is beginning her career at James Bickley Elementary. “I’m excited but nervous,” she said.

The new teacher is hoping for a school year full of learning and fun. “It’s going to be a huge learning year for me too,” Del Toro said. “We (herself and students) will be learning together.”

The Clovis resident plans to keep an open mind in her first year as an educator.

“I want to see how things go,” Del Toro said. “I think the kids should have a say because it’s their classroom, too.”

However, Del Toro knows for sure that she wants to create a pleasant atmosphere for her students.

“I hope my students will be vocal about their needs,” she said. “I hope my students will look back on their fourth-grade year and think it was their best year.”

As for her students’ parents, Del Toro hopes they will support their children and keep the lines of communication open. “I want them (parents) to be able to talk to me.”

— Tonya Fennell