Rams look to loosen up against Mules

By Mickey Winfield: PNT Staff Writer

Junior Chris Mosier is just hours from his debut as starting quarterback for the Portales Rams, but judging by his poise and confidence, you wouldn’t know it.

“I’m not that nervous,” Mosier said, “I feel comfortable in myself and the defense to give us good field position and so I’m real confident about (the game).”

Rams head coach Andy Correll is also confident in his junior signal caller just hours before he takes his first snap as the Rams starting quarterback.
“(Mosier’s)a gamer, he’ll be just fine,” Correll said. “He’s got a good grasp of the offense and what our game plan is, he knows how I think, so I think he’s going to be just fine.”

Confidence may be the theme to the Rams’ preparation for their home opener.
The Rams host Muleshoe at 7 p.m. at Greyhound Stadium. Following last week’s season opening loss at the defending state champion Las Vegas-Robertson Cardinals, Correll says his boys aren’t afraid of anybody.

“Last week, their confidence level went way up, because they know they can play with anybody right now,” Correll said. “I feel we’re going to have a great showing.”
The Portales coaching staff expects the Mules to throw the ball, and with a young Portales secondary, that may create problems.

“They’re going to be tested, and we want to see how they handle that pressure,” Correll said. “We’ve got to get some heat on the quarterback up front. It doesn’t matter how good your secondary is, if he’s got all day to throw it, he’s going to pick you apart.”

One of the anchors of that young secondary is sophomore safety Brandon McAfee.
“Technique-wise, he’s one of the best we have on the field. And that says a lot. They’ve got to be technicians back there. They’re the last line of defense, and I trust him to take care of whatever we need to do. He’s been everything we’ve hoped he would be,” Correll said.

On the offensive side of the ball, both Correll and Mosier want to establish the run, before opening things up.

“We have to control the ball, control the clock and take opportunities when we get them,” Correll said. “We should have the capability to throw the ball anytime we want.”

“We’re planning on running a lot of backside plays, and their secondary is pretty weak so we’ll be passing the ball a lot more,” Mosier said.

On the injury front, Correll said everybody’s ready to go.

“We’ve got everybody back right now. Everybody’s been released and they’ve been in practice all week.”

Correll chose Mosier as the Rams starting quarterback earlier this week after he completed four out of six passes for 59 yards in the Portales season opener Friday night at Las Vegas-Robertson. He also ran the ball 10 times for 23 yards.

“We had four good days (of practice),” Correll said. “The kids are pumped, they’re excited to be playing at home. They know we have a good football team coming to town, but our team is better than we were last Friday.”