Local Growth Management Committee sets framework for volunteer organization

By Marlena Hartz : Freedom Newspapers

Framework for a volunteer organization and its oversight group was sketched Wednesday at a Local Growth Management Committee meeting.

The yet-to-be-formed volunteer organization will advise the Local Growth Management Committee regarding growth development and the availability of federal funding for the new mission at Cannon Air Force Base. The Air Force Special Operations 16th Wing will assume ownership of Cannon in October 2007.

Volunteers will be appointed to the Local Growth Management Organization by the Committee.

“The Local Growth Management Committee is the direct supervisory body, and the Local Growth Management Group is an advisory body,” explained Dave Richards, attorney for Clovis.

The Committee, comprised of two elected officials from Portales, Clovis, and Curry and Roosevelt Counties, will determine the group’s budget and consider or deny recommendations made by the group, according to a memorandum circulated at Wednesday’s meeting.
The memorandum is not official. It must now be signed by representatives from each entity: Commissions of Clovis, Curry County, Portales, and Roosevelt County, officials at the meeting said.

“We are anxious to get (the group) going,” Portales City Manger Debi Lee said.

Committee officials estimated the advisory group could be formed by the end of October.

The group will be comprised of eleven members, according to the memorandum.

The Committee is to develop a list of skill sets for group members, the memorandum states.

According to the memorandum:

— Three positions will be filled by individuals who possess general business, management and leadership qualities. Two shall be residents of Curry County and one a resident of Roosevelt County.

— Six of the remaining positions will draw upon special skills, education, training, and experience that will collectively contribute to a strong management foundation.

— Four of the six specialized position members shall be residents of Curry County and two shall be residents of Roosevelt County.

— Two of the positions will be appointed by the Governor of the State of New Mexico for two-year terms, except that the initial term of one of two appointee members is for one year.

The Committee will meet again at 9 a.m., Oct. 11, at 321 Connelly Street.