Good Samaritans truly appreciated

Letters to the Editor

My husband and I came to Portales for a family reunion. While we were there our truck broke down at a red light out by the college. We were clear across town, no cell phone or anything.

Then these two young men came and hooked us up to a nice new truck, one in front and one in a car behind us. They pulled us to our family’s home.

They wouldn’t take pay for helping us. We don’t know their names, but we would really like everyone in Portales to know how we truly appreciated them.
Betty Guss

Early payments can be penalized

I had the recent experience of being penalized for paying a bill early!

I made two credit-card payments in July — one was due on Aug. 1 and one was due on Sept. 1. When I received my September bill, it contained a $39 late fee. When I called to question it, stating that I was paid up through September, I was informed that I was not allowed to make early payments. I had to pay when they say I should pay or it wouldn’t be credited at the right time and I would be assessed a late fee.

I asked the representative if she realized how ludicrous that sounded and her response was, “It makes more sense if you work for a credit card company.”

A couple of days earlier, I had a similar experience with the electric company. I pay more every month than is due, thinking “credit.” Well … it stated on this bill, “you have a credit balance. Please do not send in any payment.” It did not state “there is no need to make a payment at this time.” It issued a directive: “Do not send any payment.”

A friend received a ticket for a tail light being out on his car.
He went down the next day to pay his $10 ticket. He was told he needed to wait a month because the ticket wasn’t “in the system” yet. The ticket ended up costing him much more than $10 because he forgot about it the next month. Go figure.

I guess we have reached a time in our history when being responsible and prompt — even early — paying your debts has negative consequences. It amazes me that if you are late, you are penalized, and if you are early, you are penalized and/or chastised.

By the way, I did get my late fee credited back to my credit card when I promised never to pay early again. I promise.

Sheri Carpenter