Medical group changes location, adds staff

By Ashley Lee: PNT Staff Writer

RGH Internal Medicine Group moved their office to a new location adjacent to the east side of Roosevelt General Hospital this last weekend and has added a nurse practitioner.

Gail Gutierrez, CFNP, CDE grew up in the Waco area and graduated from the University of Texas. Gutierrez has practiced at Eastern New Mexico University as well as Clovis and Fort Sumner. She joins doctors Bruce Owens and Raymond Ortiz in the practice which has been in place for a year.

Nurse practitioners provide much of the same care as a doctor and can serve as a patient’s regular healthcare provider, according to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

“She is from Clovis prior to that Fort Sumner, she has a good patient base, they will be busy,” said RGH Administrator James D’Agostino.
RGH Internal Medicine Group’s practice currently has 8,500 patients 500 of whom are from Lubbock.

“Gail’s practice will be growing,” said Owens, “We will be able to see more patients.”

According to D’Agostino the hospital leases the space that the medical group moved into from the hospital district. Eastern Medical Associates, another physicians group, also leases space there and RGH Internal is moving into space in the 18,000 square foot building that the hospital had held back for other uses originally.

“This is more convenient for the patients,” said D’Agostino.

Instead of having to drive to get lab work done patients will be able to walk next door to the hospital. The building is actually connected to the main hospital by a hallway.

“(The new building) cuts time on traveling as well as (provides) quicker access to patients, labs, as well as x-ray,” said Owens, “Lab results will be received quicker.”

D’Agostino explained that the ER staff is set up with six 24-hour shifts. All but one of those shifts are maintained by local doctors. He says since the doctors are closer they will be able to see their patients in the ER if needed and those doctors on ER call will be closer to the hospital.

With the move, D’Agostino says there are now eight physicians and three nurse practitioners located in the building. The building also has room to accommodate visiting physicians. The medical staff now numbers 12 total, according to the administrator.