Wagon Wheel watchers withstand wet weather

By Ashley Lee: PNT Staff Writer

BLACKWATER DRAW — Bad weather canceled the entertainment but didn’t dampen the tailgating enthusiasm of football fans attending Saturday’s Greyhound football game.

Students and alumni from both sides of a long-running rivalry were getting pumped up for the 20th annual Wagon Wheel game between the Eastern New Mexico University and West Texas State A&M University prior to the game.

The festivities were supposed to start off with a concert featuring Kacee Lovato, The Kene Terry Band, and the Allie Brooks Band but the rain chased them off. The tailgating was still going on a little after 3 p.m. and the consensus of all the tailgaters was that they would be there through rain and snow if necessary leading up to the 6 p.m. kickoff.

• Jim O’Neill of Portales said that his group showed up at 2:30 p.m.
“We are rooting for both teams,” O’Neill said of his split personality tailgate group.

• Kappa Sigma and the Shape Club were co-conspiring on a tailgate party.

“We are expecting about 50-60 people to show up to our tailgate party. We want to take the Wagon Wheel back and we will be there, no matter what the weather.” said Brandon Spears of Kappa Sigma.

• JD Heiskell Co. and Ferrell Ross Co. combined their party they said about 40 people from both companies would be attending the tailgate and that JD Heiskell Co. was rooting for Eastern New Mexico University and Ferrell Ross for West Texas.

• “I am excited for WT to keep the wagon wheel. The Buffs are going to win today and I can guarantee it,” Ashley Littlejohn, a WTAMU student, said.

• “I am ready for ENMU to run up the hill and get the wagon wheel. WOO!” said Tabitha Oliver of ENMU.

• “I am here for the barbecue and the collegiate FFA,” said Josh Wooley “We all have our raincoats in the truck,” he added.