Sculpture unveiled at ENMU

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Created using light and glass elements, the “Art of Realization” sculpture designed by Encinitas, Calif. artist Deanne Sabeck, was dedicated in a ceremony held at the new Communications Center located on the Eastern New Mexico University campus yesterday.

Illuminating the wall with light and color, the sculpture is located just inside the entrance to the building. Laid out along the wall in a concentric pattern, the sculpture, features three pairs of integral sayings, that mirror each other.

“It’s just remarkable,” said Patrice Caldwell, Executive Director of Planning and Analysis at ENMU. “I think it will be a very striking addition for the campus.”

Established in 1986, the sculpture is part of the “Art in Public Places” program enacted by the New Mexico Legislature. Acquisitions of public art are funded using one percent of the money earmarked from capital outlay projects, said Caldwell.

Comparing the sculpture to waves of sound associated with broadcasting, Duane Ryan, Director of Broadcasting at KENW, introduced the artist to a gathered audience. Fifty-four submissions were submitted to a committee, said Ryan. Of those 54, three were chosen to tour the ENMU campus, said Ryan.

“I think it’s a beautiful piece of art,” said Ryan.

Sabeck, who toured the campus, had developed the design based on photos of the facility she had received beforehand, she said. Citing the project as a challenge, Sabeck chose to use concentric circles to represent the waves put out through broadcasting. The more fluid of the forms represent the air waves, said Sabeck. A mosaic pattern is etched in the glass that helps to reflect and capture the light, said Sabeck.

“This was such a fun project, said Sabeck. It was the best one so far.”

Sabeck chose to incorporate the words realization, clarity and illusion into the sculpture. Becoming the focal point, the words have brought a deeper meaning to the sculpture, which Sabeck hopes the students will ponder. The words also represent another outlet that can be used for communication, said Sabeck.

Excitement was felt by Sabeck and her two assistants after the sculpture was installed on Tuesday. Response to the project has been good, said Sabeck. Knowing what the sculpture would look like beforehand, Sabeck was unprepared for the emotion that she felt upon completion of the project, she said.

“This one blew me away. We were in tears because it came out so well,” said Sabeck.

According to a news release from ENMU, Sabeck has produced a large body of innovative work, both for galleries and public art works. An example of her work at the San Diego Airport uses the same basic technique as the piece at the Communication Center.