Scammers target residents

PNT Staff Report

The Portales Police Department is warning residents to not fall prey to a new scam that has sprung up recently in the area.

According to Capt. Lonnie Berry of the Portales Police Department, he has received calls from area residents in the last week who are concerned with the phone calls that they are receiving. The calls are originating in Canada and callers are asking people for money to bail a grandchild out of jail. When the grandparent asks for more legitimate information, the callers provide little else, said Berry.

“We are very fortunate people have not wired them money,” said Berry.

The amount being asked for ranges from $2,000 to $3,000, said Berry. The callers are requesting that the money be sent via Western Union. The police department is advising that the money not be wired. Once it is wired, it can be picked up anywhere, said Berry.

Portales Police Department officials are working to get in contact with the Canadian authorities, said Berry. If you have any information or have received a phone call that fits the information above, contact the Portales Police Department at 356-4404.

“We want to alert people that before you send money, to verify the information and to verify that you do not have relatives traveling in Canada,” said Berry.