Shopper stories

Freedom Newspapers

Some shoppers got everything they wanted in a matter of minutes. Others fought through crowds to discover their targeted items were sold out. We talked with a few shoppers on their Black Friday experiences in eastern New Mexico.

Ashly Baccas, shopping in the afternoon with family, said she has never done the early shopping thing. Around 2 p.m. Friday she was just getting started, she said.

Lois Windsor of Springerville, Ariz., and formerly of Portales was out shopping early with family to buy some specific items. She then stopped at Sheila’s Classy to Whimsy in Portales just to look and get some ideas for Christmas gifts. She said the day went well, and she found what she was looking for and some additional items as well.

Sandy Calton of Baltimore was shopping at Sheila’s Classy to Whimsy in Portales for dress clothes that did not have Spandex or wool because of allergies.
“This is a neat little store to come into. They are very helpful and it’s pleasant shopping.”

Marrion Adkins of Clovis and her daughter, Christina Boisley, visiting from San Antonio, said they were getting a late start on shopping Friday afternoon. “We like to sleep,” Boisley said. While they got some good deals on clothes at Sears, they said they found the mall crowded and were instead looking for bargains on books at Hastings.

Karla Spurgeon of Clovis said she went to Triangle Ace Home Center in Clovis at 7 a.m. Friday to get MP3 players advertised on sale. Though she had to wait in long lines to check out, she said getting the items she wanted was quick and easy, and she paid about a third of the normal price.

Denesha Stoddard of Clovis said she was at Wal-Mart by 4:15 a.m. Friday to take advantage of early sales. Able to get the two items in which she was most interested, she said she bought a PlayStation Portable (PSP) and portable DVD player at a great saving. “We were surprised,” she said. “We thought they’d be sold out.”

Brad Lane of Clovis was disappointed when he went to Sears around 7 a.m. to take advantage of advertised tool sales and found the things he wanted were already sold out.

— Compiled by Freedom Newspapers Staff Writers Sharna Johnson, Ashley Lee and Casey Peacock