Letter to the Editor: Ute golf course gets kudos from mayor

I would like to congratulate the leadership of Quay County including the Quay County Commission, the village of Logan, city of Tucumcari, village of San Jon and all of their citizens for the success they’ve had with the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission and the recent approval to allow Ute Lake Ranch Development to construct and operate a golf course on the south shore of Ute Lake.

I applaud the continued commitment to protecting the water quality of the reservoir through the measures they have put in place.

My concerns have been addressed, and I feel very comfortable with the engineering and monitoring system established.

As we all know, Ute Lake is a precious resource for eastern New Mexico. Intended for use as a renewable water supply for communities in eastern New Mexico, the reservoir over the years has taken an important economic and cultural role through recreation, quality of life and economic development for the village of Logan and our communities in the area.

We all have, and continue to benefit from Ute Lake.

I am confident that Quay County leadership will continue to protect this valuable resource. As mayor of Portales, I support the economic development and growth of Quay County. It is important that we all work together for the good of eastern New Mexico and our great state.

Orlando Ortega Jr.