Traditions endure through eras

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Families around the area have celebrated the holidays for many years, in their own unique way and style. One tradition that remains strong is the strong ties of family and togetherness.

For Portales resident Ruby Gardner, Christmas meant a time for the family to gather and share the holiday together. Both Gardner and her husband, came from large families. The couple also had five children of their own, said Gardner.

“I enjoyed every one of them (kids) completely,” said Gardner.

During the holiday season, she would make candy for the children. For the meal, Gardner did most of the cooking and chicken or beef was prepared, instead of turkey, she said.

For decorations, the kids would string popcorn, to put on the tree. Presents were always opened on Christmas morning, then the family would either stay at home for a gathering or travel to another family member’s home, said Gardner.

“They (family) would all come and we would all enjoy being together,” said Gardner.

Sheryl Borden and her family spend the month of December celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. All three of the Borden children were born in December and the couple celebrate their anniversary a few days before Christmas, she said.

When the Borden children were small, Christmas decorating would not begin until after Dec. 11, after the last birthday was celebrated. Today that tradition has changed somewhat. With the kids grown, decorating know begins at Thanksgiving. Another thing that has changed is where the family will spend Christmas Eve. Before, the family would gather at Borden’s father-in-law and mother-in-law’s home. Since their passing, the family will know gather at Borden’s home, she said.

“It’s not a sad time, there are lot’s of memories to share and reminisce about,” said Borden.

A quiet Christmas was was always enjoyed by Bevie Halliday and her family. A small family, they gathered to eat lunch and open presents. One tradition that the family has and continues, is her husband making popcorn balls, Halliday says.

“Every year, he makes the popcorn balls from scratch, the old fashioned way, with syrup,” said Halliday. “It’s not Christmas with out the popcorn balls.”

Velma Bailey is another Portales resident who enjoyed spending the holidays with her family. For the holidays, Bailey would make candy and pecan pies. Decorations were also a big part of the holiday, said Bailey.

Decorating outside was the job that belonged to Bailey’s husband, Bill. To this day, he still continues to decorate the outside of their home. As soon as Christmas is over, the Christmas tree is taken down, said Bailey.

“We can’t stand to look at it with out any presents under it,” said Bailey.