Area schools to be honored by state

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Benefits of being a smaller school district, have contributed to Dora Consolidated Schools and Elida Municipal Schools meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress requirements recentl.

The two schools districts, along with 27 other districts across the state will be recognized today in Santa Fe for their achievement in obtaining and meeting the AYP requirements during the “Schools on the Rise” celebration that will be held in the Capital Rotunda.

“We’re excited about it. I’m very excited for our students, it’s their hard work and dedication that have got us this far,” said Steve Barron, Dora superintendent.

Both Dora and Elida Schools will be honored for obtaining and meeting AYP requirements within all schools in the district. The schools will each receive a certificate of accomplishment and $1,000 to be used for educational materials, according to a press release issued by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

“Of course, we’re very pleased to be recognized and honored,” said Jack Burch, Elida superintendent.

According to Priority Schools Director Beverly Johnson, all schools in the state are required to achieve a standard of quality through the AYP requirements. Certain indicators are required and put into place in order for schools to achieve AYP status. By having a smaller school or district allows this to be more easily reached, she said.

“It’s almost always small homogenous populations that do reasonably well,” said Johnson.

Both superintendents went on to explain that their schools have worked hard to achieve and maintain the status. The goal has been to provide a quality education to the students, and both Barron and Burch said they are dedicated to continuing to provide that to their students.

Earlier PNT articles, reported that Portales failed to meet the AYP rquirements based on the disabilites subgroup, while Floyd Middle School’s shortfall was in math, in an economically disadvantaged subgroup. Dora and Elida’s small size kept them from being saddled with the issue of subgroups recently.