Classic truck source of pride

By Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor

It started out as a way to advertise a family business, but family and friends say the 1948 Ford F-1 pickup is Thom Moore’s pride and joy.

Moore was surprised early this year as the truck was featured in “reader’s trucks” sections of two nationally circulated classic truck magazines. His truck, “Winslow,” is featured in the February edition of Custom Classic Trucks (still on newsstands) and the March issue of Classic Trucks (just off newsstands).

With help from some of his crew at The Print Shop, Moore submitted articles and photos to the two magazines and heard back about a month later.

“We’ve just kinda done it over the years,” Moore said of his labor of love for the last 15 years. “It wasn’t an overnight project.”

Moore’s father-in-law, Leroy Thomas, bought the truck from Buck Partin of Portales in 1991. In a previous life, it had been a ranch truck in the Clayton area.

“We put a little gas in it, boosted it off and drove it over here,” Moore said from The Print Shop.

Partin hadn’t done anything with it, and it was still in sad shape, according to Thomas. He recalls that his son-in-law made that first drive sitting on a bucket.

“Thom did all the work on it,” Thomas said. “I didn’t do anything on it.”
Moore says he hasn’t made major changes in the truck— the engine and chassis are original and the body retains its original look.

The seats feature The Print Shop logo on the headrest, and Moore’s mother-in-law, Gaynelle Thomas, etched the logo into the back glass as well. The dressing is finished by a red dice motif inside the cab.

“I liked the look of the body and all, but didn’t necessarily want to make it original,” Moore said. “I wanted it to be something we could enjoy and get out and drive in it.”

Moore says he’s belonged to car clubs in the past but doesn’t currently. He mostly shows and parades his truck locally but for one exception. He never misses the Make-a-Wish Car Show in Amarillo.

“I’ve not done anything near what some of these guys do,” Moore said, pointing to another truck in the magazine where “Winslow” is featured that touts an $80,000 investment. “I’ve got rock chips on mine because I get out and drive it. That’s where the fun comes in.”