Food fuels football fun

By Mickey Winfield: PNT Staff Writer

Every year, sports fans around the globe gather with friends and loved ones to watch the Super Bowl, and the communities of Portales and Clovis are no different. In addition to the various decorations, jerseys and drinks, another necessary component of a proper Super Bowl fest is food.

Michelle Taylor, a manager of the Rib Crib in Clovis, said it all comes down to one simple truth.

“They’re men, they like barbecue and meat,” Taylor said. She also revealed Rib Crib’s most popular Super Bowl party items.

“We do lots of sliced and chopped brisket and pulled sausage,” Taylor said. “(Last year) we did lots of boneless buffalo wings and lots of sausage and ribs.”

Clovis’ Domino’s Pizza manager Chris Duell describes game day as the biggest pizza day of the year.

“A typical Super Bowl, we can expect at least twice the volume of a normal Sunday,” Duell said. “All hands are on deck at most of the stores by 2 or 3 p.m. That day is, by far, the largest in our industry.”

Some other local food establishments offer Super Bowl catering services, but most report low demand compared with previous years.

“We will do trays of enchiladas for anybody who calls in, but so far we haven’t had anybody ask us (to cater their Super Bowl parties),” said Leal’s cashier and hostess Amanda Garza. Garza said there are two items that fly out the door on Super Bowl Sunday and every football weekend.

“We have a lot of people that come in and bring their own containers to fill up with salsa and grab a whole bunch of chips,” Garza said.

Most Super Bowl watchers, however, prefer to prepare their own dishes for Super Sunday.

Richard Winter, 63, became a New York Jets fan after seeing Joe Namath’s bunch upset the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Since that time, Winter doesn’t miss a Super Bowl, and rarely shows up without a homemade dish.

Winter is cooking country-style pork barbecued ribs plus potato salad for Sunday’s game.

However, his favorite Super Bowl snack is simple.

“Cheese nachos are really popular. They’re easy to make and it doesn’t cost you a lot of money and most people that I know make them,” Winter said. “Nachos are almost automatic at every Super Bowl party.”

But any great party recipe includes more than food, he counters.

“What it’s really about is getting friends together and having a good time,” Winter said.