Life’s music surrounds everyone

By Joan Clayton : Religion Columnist

I wonder how many of us dance our way through life but never hear the music? Life has “a music” about it and if not heard, it isn’t appreciated.

God gives his children guidance and they “hear the music.” Peace and encouragement comes with it. Your life is strengthened as you open this gift of today. You find new concepts and ideas. Bask in the joy God freely gives.

Paint this day as carefully as an artist designs a painting. With strokes of beauty, you will find an enthusiasm for life. Be a representative of God on this earth and be the Bible that other people read.

Be the good that overcomes the bad. Lose yourself in life. Early in the morning pledge your life into his care. Praise God in the morning, noontime and evening. Make God glad he made you. Love him back. You can never be lost to his spirit.

Make today a masterpiece and let the celebration begin.

Here are a few suggestions on how to hear the “music.”

• Be thankful for this brand new day. It has never been lived before.

• Be thankful for the power of choice and choose to love this day.

• Forgive and overlook offenses.

• Choose to smile. Choose to laugh.

• Choose to tell your spouse he or she is a precious gift to you.

• Tell your children they are blessings. Tell your parents, “I love you.”

• Call a lonely person to encourage and lift up.

• Bake something for a neighbor who is left alone.

• Pray for the president and America.

• Enjoy nature’s sounds. (Wind in the cottonwoods, chirping birds)

• Look for God’s beauty. (Sunsets, clouds, rainbows)

• See yourself as a person of great capabilities.

• Have compassion and respect for others.

• Believe you have a potential for greatness.

• The Bible is filled with promises for you. Get to know them.

• Nothing is impossible for you because the “Greater One” lives in you.

• Shout for joy. Sing praises. Declare the glory of the Lord.

• Nothing can defeat you with God on your side.

• With God you are a winner.

• With every breath you take breathe a prayer of thanksgiving.

Below is a poem I wrote about hearing the “music.”

“God is like my husband when he holds me in his arms.
God’s everlasting love enfolds me and he keeps me safe from harm.
God is like my sons when they call me on the phone.
I love to hear their voices, ‘How’s everything at home?’
I’m thankful God made families and the blessings they bring.
They lift us up to heaven and we soar on eagles’ wings.”

All of these things give me a dancing heart and yes, I can hear the music.
You can too.