Portales residents asked to conserve water, in wake of tornado

PNT Staff Report

Portales residents are being asked to conserve water after a tornado snapped poles and cut off electricity to most of the city’s well field east of town, according to a press release from the Portales Police Department.

The tornado, apparently the same one that struck Clovis, passed through the well field located along Cacahuate Road (N.M. 202) shortly before 8 p.m. Friday.

According to Capt. Lonnie Berry of PPD, Portales residents are being asked to cut back on their water usage while power is being restored.

“The water supply for the city of Portales is currently being supplied by its reserve,” Berry said in the release. “The reserve should be enough supply to keep all residents in water until power is restored to the well field. We are asking that all residents help to conserve water by limiting its use in all possible areas.”

Berry said the city is asking residents to turn off all timed water systems and discontinue yard watering until the power has been restored.