Portales prom couple arrived by helicopter

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

A unique twist was added to the 2007 Portales High School prom as students witnessed the arrival of a helicopter bearing senior Jessica Adkins and her date.

Wishing to do something memorable for her prom, Adkins decided arriving by helicopter would be pretty neat. It would also be something out of the ordinary for the prom and for the area, she said.

“I just wanted to do something totally different than anyone had done before,” Adkins said.

The helicopter ride was furnished by Enchantment Helicopters, based out of the Portales Airport, said Brian Truelock, owner. The primary focus for the business is flight instruction, aerial photography and livestock gathering. This was the first time the company had used the helicopter for a prom arrival, Truelock said.

“It was a good thing,” Truelock said. “The kids really enjoyed it.”

Truelock had donated a 30-minute flight to last year’s junior/senior class as part of an auction. The flight was then purchased by Adkins’ father, Steve. Unable to use the flight, he gave it to his daughter, who is always looking for something different, he said.

Jessica Adkins’ date for the evening was Jonathan Montano, who also attended the 2006 PHS prom with her. The couple have dated more than two years. Last year for prom, the couple arrived in a BMW convertible. This year the arrival was a bit more exciting, Montano said.

“It was pretty exciting to fly around,” Montano said.

Keeping the plan fairly secret, Adkins told only three of her friends. By the time she arrived for pictures at 6:30 p.m., she stated that everyone pretty well knew what was going to happen.

“I just like being unique,” Adkins said.

After flying around Portales and the surrounding area, the helicopter landed in the high school parking lot. Upon arrival, the duo could see other prom attendees lined up outside, watching their arrival, Adkins said.

“People were asking questions (about the ride). They seemed to be excited,” Adkins said. “I think everybody is really going to remember it.”