Barnes and Noble assumes management of ENMU bookstore

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

The Eastern New Mexico University Bookstore will soon have a new look and feel to it.

Starting Monday, the bookstore will be under the operation of Barnes and Noble College Booksellers.

“This is a partnership we are entering into with Eastern New Mexico University right know,” said regional manager for Barnes and Noble College Booksellers Marc Eckhart.

In the coming months, changes will be made to the ENMU bookstore. Those changes will reflect the look and feel of a Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, but will also include a college flair to the store, Eckhart said.

For now the biggest transition will be going from university operations to the Barnes and Noble operation. No big changes will take place for awhile and any that do will be a collaborative effort with Barnes and Noble and ENMU, said store manager Cole Martin.

“Once we transition, we just want to serve the campus the best we can,” Martin said.

Martin, has relocated to the area to operate the bookstore under Barnes and Noble. He has worked for the company in various roles for the past seven years before being promoted to his current position. A West Texas native, Martin says he is excited to be in the area and is looking forward to becoming involved in the community.

The bookstore will continue to cater to the ENMU campus and community by offering textbooks and school/office supplies. The new twist will be a selection of general books and current bestsellers. The bookstore will also have monthly promotions and an enhanced school spirit section, Eckhart said.

“I think the campus will see a new quality of product as they become available,” Eckhart said.

For now the bookstore will continue to operate under its existing hours. Not only will the bookstore be open to students, faculty and staff, but it will also be available for the public to use, Eckhart said.

“The community is more than welcome and we would love their business,” Eckhart said. “It can be a positive thing for the