Clovis’ Mounted Patrol Arena welcomes calf ropers

PNT Staff Report

Hundreds of cowboys, both professional and amateur, will compete in calf-roping events this weekend.

The third annual Joe’s Boot Shop Calf Roping is being held Friday through Saturday at the Curry County Mounted Patrol Arena.

According to event coordinator Joe Rhodes, 464 cowboys competed in the 2006 calf roping event. “Hopefully we will have more this year,” he said.

Rhodes said the three-day event will feature 40 professional calf ropers and three world champions.

This year’s action includes open cowboy matches, double muggin and a foot race.

Rhodes said the open match features four ropers attempting to rope 16 calves let loose in the arena. Two ropers will work as a team, one on horseback and one on foot, to rope a 600-pound calf in the double muggin event.

“This is big time,” Rhodes said, “and it is a lot of fun.”