Bowl market offered

By Casey Peacock: Freedom Newspapers

MMM!! It’s that time of year again and the smell of simmering chili will soon permeate the air at Portales High School.

Portales High School art teacher Lou Sikes and her art students have been busy throwing pots for the upcoming annual Chili Bowl Cook-off that will start at 5 p.m. on Friday in the cafeteria.

For a $6, those attending can purchase and choose a bowl that has been made by the students. After purchasing the bowls, participants may sample chili from any of the contestants entered in the cook-off, Sikes said. By Tuesday afternoon seven entries had been received.
“We have some really pretty glazes. Each bowl is very different, no two bowls are alike,” Sikes said.

Double duty will be the name of the game for PHS junior Michael Hatch. He has made close to 30 bowls for the Friday event. Last year he also made 32 bowls for the cook-off. At this years event, he has not only been responsible for making bowls, but will also be a cook-off contestant. Hatch is teaming up with his mom to make green chili stew, something he likes to do for his family, he said.

“I’m excited,” Hatch said of entering the contest. “I have never cooked a large amount for a big group before.”

The money raised from the event will be used to purchase equipment and supplies for the art program. Since it’s inception, the event has raised enough money for the art program to purchase four potters wheels and clay, which are expensive items, Sikes said.

“The whole lesson here is not just to ask for money, but we have a service and this is what we can do,” Sikes said of the event.

Hottest, mildest and best tasting are the three categories the public will have the opportunity to judge the chili on. Cash prizes will be given to the winners in each category. All voting is done by popular vote from the public, not a panel of judges, Sikes said.

“They (contestants) get cash prizes and are helping out the kids,” Sikes said.

Entries will be taken until 3 p.m. today. For more information or to enter the chili bowl cook-off, contact Sikes at Portales High School, 356-5831.