Couple wed in camoflauge

By Casey Peacock, PNT Staff Writer

Stepping outside the ordinary and adding an unusual twist to their wedding is Portales couple Keith and Teresa Nixon.

As the two took their vows and joined in the holy union of marriage on Saturday afternoon, the wedding party was decked out in camouflage. Yes, camouflage.

According to the groom, when the couple decided to get married, Teresa was questioning Keith as to what colors they wanted. Keith jokingly answered camo, and from then on it became the couple’s color of choice, they said.
“We just took it and ran with it,” Keith said.

“At first, I was kind of nervous about the camo,” Teresa said.

“You don’t realize what colors will go with camo until you try it,” Keith joked.

For Keith, who comes from a hunting family, the choice of pattern seemed a natural fit. Since he and Teresa have been together, she too has begun to take an interest in hunting, he said.

“It’s different. Camo’s an awesome color, you have a variety of color instead of just, blah,” Keith said.

Though the bride walked down the aisle in a white dress, her veil was trimmed in camouflage material. The rest of the wedding party was decked out in camouflage, everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the vests that the groom and groomsmen wore under their tuxedo jackets, they said.

Since March, the groom’s mother Nita has been working to sew the wedding attire, including the tuxedo jacket worn by the couple’s 10-month-old son Klayton. the couple said.

“She’s (Nita) been busy, busy,” Teresa said.

Finding the material for the wedding attire proved to be a of a challenge. The couple eventually found the desired fabric from a company in New York. After the company learned what the couple was using the material for, they requested a picture to put on its Web site, Teresa said.

The camouflage theme also carried over into the decorations for the reception. The couple were able to find paperware in camouflage and used streamers in coordinating colors. The mints were also wrapped in camouflage cellophane that the groom’s mother found in Lubbock, they said.

The marble wedding cake, made by a family member, also carried the camouflage theme, using colors of white, brown and green.
“It’s going to be a once in a lifetime deal, so why not do it right,” Keith said prior to the wedding.