Dora Schools mark centennial

By Casey Peacock, PNT Staff Writer

One hundred years of history will be celebrated during the Dora Schools Centennial and South County Reunion to be held on Saturday.
“This is our 100th year for our schools,” Peggy Prater, committee member, volunteer and Dora Class of 1949 graduate said.

The celebration had previously been scheduled to take place last year, but was held off due to the work that was being done at the school. By holding off on the celebration, it still fell within the 100 year anniversary, Prater said.

Prater went on to explain that the Dora Schools are a consolidation of the more than 40 schools that were once in the area.
“These are all little schools that have consolidated into Dora Schools,” Prater said.

“We’re wanting all the former teachers, students and their parents to attend,” said Laverne Coffman, president of the South County School Reunion Committee. “We want everyone to know that they are invited.”

An example of a past school that was once in the area was called Roller. Not wanting students to walk more than three miles, the one room school house was designed and built on wheels, thus allowing it to travel, Prater said.

“It was a one-room school house and they would pull it where they needed it in this county,” Prater said.

According to Dora Schools Principal David Bass, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the Dora School at 11 a.m. The ribbon cutting is in honor of the recent improvements and additions that have been made at the school, Bass said.

“We’re doing it mainly for the 100th year celebration,” Bass said of the ribbon cutting.

Several members of the legislature will be on hand for the celebration. There will also be a display of items that have been put together by several classes at Dora Schools in honor of the celebration, Bass said.

Registration for the event will begin at 9 a.m. A short business meeting, door prizes and the ribbon cutting ceremony will follow. A prepaid catered lunch will be served at noon. Following the luncheon, the afternoon will be free for visiting and reminiscing, Prater said.

“We’re mainly gonna visit with people who have gone to school here before,” Prater said.

The current count for those attending the catered luncheon is over 300, with more people expected to attend the festivities throughout the day, Prater said.

“We really have no idea who will be there,” Prater said.