Wet weather gives way to heat

By Mickey Winfield: PNT Staff Writer

A cooler, wetter than normal late spring may give way to a warmer more humid summer in the city of Portales.

According to AccuWeather, Portales’ average temperature in the month of May from 1914 through 2005 is 83 degrees. But this May, the temperature only reached or exceeded that average four times, with an average temperature of 74.96.

Francis Warner with a local lawn maintenance company says the cooler temperatures allow his men to do more work.

“That’s a no-brainer,” Warner said. “Absolutely we like the cooler weather. It’s easier on our group.”

The month of June has also carried the trend with an average temperature of 83.6 this month compared to a historical June average of 90.4, but the three hottest days of the month occurred this week.

Portales resident Crystal Davis, 25, says the sudden high temperatures prompted her to venture to the City Pool for the first time this year.

“We stay under the air conditioner or we swim,” Davis said. “(The hot weather and humid air) make me miserable.”

Davis also says she doesn’t notice the heat and humidity until her kids come inside from playing.

“I just try to do my outside stuff during the evening hours, Davis said. “When my son plays outside, I notice the humidity because he comes in pretty sticky.”

Pool lifeguard Chrissy Phelps, 21, says the moderate weather has also brought out the children of Portales in large numbers.

“We’ve had at least 150 kids per day out here at the pool in each of the last several days,” Phelps said.”

While Portales’ late spring temperatures have cooled, the town is also wetter than normal. According to KENW-TV, Portales has received a total of 5.43 inches of rain for May/June, compared to the historical average of 4.38.

At a glance

1 — Number of days this month that the temperature has equaled the average Portales June temperature of 90 degrees.

3.37 — Amount of precipitation in inches in Portales in the month of May (compared to the May average of 2.02 inches).

4 — Number of days this May that the temperature has equaled or exceeded the average Portales May temperature of 83 degrees.

83 — Portales’ average May temperature.

87 — Portales’ high temperature this May.

90.4 — Average Portales June temperature (1914-2005).

92 — Average Portales July temperature (1914-2005).

94 — Portales’ high temperature this month.