Tax-free holiday begins Friday

By Mickey Winfield: PNT staff writer

Parents of school-aged children and New Mexico shoppers in general will be able to take advantage of the third annual state-wide tax holiday this weekend.

The tax holiday begins Friday and ends Sunday and nontaxable items include clothing, footwear costing $100 or less, school supplies costing $15 or less, computers costing $1,000 or less, and assorted computer equipment $500 or less.

Portales resident Janet Davis has three children, ages 5, 7 and 9.

“We’re waiting for that (weekend) to do our school supplies,” Davis said. “We’ll try to get all our school supplies and our backpacks so that’s what we’re saving up for.”

Davis also pointed out that this gives Portales residents a chance to support their hometown merchants.

“I think it’s good to keep the money in Portales,” Davis said. “I think our weekend is before Texas, so hopefully people will support our retailers.”

Anali Tovar is a 13-year-old going into the eighth grade in Floyd, and she knows exactly what she has her sights set on for this weekend.

“For sure paper and school supplies,” Tovar said. “And we’ll also get lots of clothes for school too.”

Sharon Brown doesn’t have school-aged children, but one of her children does attend Eastern New Mexico University.

“I’m glad they’re doing it here. They’ve done it over in Texas and people go over there, so it’s good to do it here at home,” Brown said.

“It’s stuff you have to do for them anyway,” Brown said. “So it’s a really good deal to save money.”

“I might check with them and see what they need and help them out,” Brown said.

According to state of New Mexico numbers, a family can save $42 in taxes if they spend $600 on eligible purchases.

Wal-Mart assistant store manager Brad Powell explained this weekend is always big for the retail giant.

“We get a good turnout every year,” Powell said. “There’s a select number of items that appeal to that crowd and that’s why they’re chosen. Back to college, back to school, etceteras, anybody looking for those items can find them here.”

Powell said with the recent end of the store’s layaway program parents can use a little extra help at school time.

“Obviously if it’s good for them, it’s also good for us,” Powell said. “With layaway no longer available we know there’s kind of a crunch there because a lot of parents would come in and put school clothes and supplies on layaway so hopefully this will help that crowd.”

Most Portales area schools begin the week of Aug. 13, except for Faith Temple which begins on Sept. 4.

At a glance

Third Annual Back-to-School tax holiday
Aug. 3-5

• Clothing and footwear $100 or less each item

• School supplies $15 or less each item

• Computers $1,000 or less each computer

• Computer equipment and software $500 or less each item

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