Kircher named county agent

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Patrick Kircher has been named to the position of Roosevelt County agriculture agent by New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service officials.

Kircher began in his new role on July 1. The job was previously held by Floyd McAlister, who retired in February after more than 22 years in the position.

“I’m excited. It’s just an opportunity to work in a field that I’ve been interested in most of my life,” Kircher said of his new position.
Kircher, who is not new to the area, has served as the Roosevelt County 4-H agent for the past 4 1/2 years. Though he has changed positions, Kircher said that his years serving as the 4-H agent were enjoyable ones.

“I’ve enjoyed my 4-H job,” Kircher said.

The decision to apply for his new position is one that Kircher felt better suited his area of expertise and education. He received both his bachelors and masters degree from Oklahoma State University in Animal Science. Before coming to Roosevelt County, Kircher worked in Missouri as a livestock specialist and has also worked in a corporate feedlot and for individual producers, he said.

“Livestock and cattle has always been where my interest is,” Kircher said.

Raised on a crop and livestock farm in Missouri, Kircher feels that interest, combined with prior experience and education and the opportunity to work with McAlister will be beneficial to his career.

“It’s not that I’m an expert, but I do have working knowledge,’ Kircher said.

Currently Kircher is wearing two hats. Until a new 4-H Agent is hired, he will continue to serve in that capacity while learning the ropes of his new position. Future plans are to get out into the county and meet people and learn what their needs and interests are, and how to help them, he said.

“This is an interesting venture for me,” Kircher said.

Through the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Agency, Kircher has the ability to call on specialists and experts across the state to address the needs of Roosevelt County citizens, he said.

Kircher’s job affords him a unique opportunity to interact with the citizens. On any given day, he could be answering questions about insects, helping a producer market their livestock or a farmer identify a problem with their crop or meeting with other organizations in the community to offer advice and input from an agricultural standpoint, Kircher said.

“It’s an ever-changing opportunity to work on something new,” Kircher said.

Kircher has been married to his wife Jeanne for nine years. The couple have three children: Savannah, 7, Kaitlyn, 5 and Cole, 2. The daughters both attend Elida Schools.

At a glance

The Roosevelt County Extension Office is located at 705 East Lime in Portales.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, contact the office at 356-4417.