Sept. 9 Library Books

The following books are available at the Portales Public Library:

Pants on Fire
By Meg Cabot
Katie Ellison is not a liar, but telling the truth is tricky. She knows she shouldn’t be cheating on her boyfriend. Since she is running for Quahog Princess she should probably admit that she doesn’t even like quahogs. And to tell someone what really happened the night someone spray-painted Tommy Sullivan is a freak on the side of the junior high would be a relief. Everyone knows that’s what drove Tommy out of town four years ago, but now Tommy has come back. Katie is sure he wants revenge, but she will do anything to save her perfect existence even if it means telling more lies and now that Tommy’s around, she’s actually having the time of her life — no lie.

Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood
By Ibtisam Barakat
In this memoir, Ibtisam Barakat captures what it is like to be a child whose world has been shattered by war. She stitches together memories: fleeing from her home and being separated from her family; the harshness of life as a Palestinian refugee; and her unexpected joy when she discovers the Arabic alphabet with candor and strength. Language becomes her refuge — a true home that no one can take away — and she begins to piece together the fragments of her shattered world.

The Arthritis Helpbook
By Kate Lorig, R.N., Dr.P.H. and James F. Fries, M.D.
With the aid of the Arthritis Helpbook, you can manage arthritis and fibromyalgia successfully. “The Arthritis Helpbook” includes topics such as clear explanations of the different kinds of arthritis and fibromyalgia, simple techniques to reduce pain and increase dexterity, medications and side effects, ways to communicate what you’re going through with family, friends, and doctors, practical tips and gadgets that solve common problems, and guidance on overcoming fatigue, depression, and other troubling feelings. This book provides hundreds of useful hints to help you achieve your own health goals, despite physical limitations.