Deputy district attorney discusses common myths about rape

By Sheryl Borden: Local columnist

Information on fertilizing, myths and facts regarding rape, and making no-sew pillow covers will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at noon on Tuesday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Curt Jaynes, owner of GardenSource Nursery and Landscaping in Portales will explain the importance of fertilizing the yard on a year ‘round basis. Jaynes will discuss the “ins and outs” of fertilizing to ensure a beautiful landscape.

Donna Mowrer, a deputy district attorney with the 9th Judicial District, will talk about myths and facts concerning rape. She’ll shed some light on the role of a victim advocate as well. She is from Portales.

Designer, Kim Deneault shows how to make an easy “no-sew” pillow cover using only two pieces of fleece fabric. This project is great for kids or youth groups to make. Her company is Raggedy Reverse Appliqué in Lincolnton, N.C.

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Using some of the new beautiful ribbons on the market, Patsy Shields will show how to create roses, daisies, stems, and leaves using the sewing machine. Shields represents Sulky of America in Sellersburg, Ind.

Myths and facts about rape
1. You are safe at work. Fact: Over 13,000 women are raped on the job each year in the United States.

2. Real rapes are only committed by strangers. Fact: As many as four-fifths of the victims will know their attacker.

3. Unless a weapon is used, it isn’t rape. Fact: Anytime someone uses force with intercourse it is rape. The force may include weapons, intimidation, drugs, alcohol or a victim’s own diminished mental capacity.

4. If a woman doesn’t fight against her attacker, it isn’t really rape. Fact: Any sex act forced against another person is rape. It doesn’t matter if the victim was able to fight back or not.

5. Rape only happens to women. Fact: Men and children are also victims of rape.

6. Rape only happens to women who are on the streets late at night. Fact: Rape happens everywhere. It happens on the job, in homes, in parking lots and at school.

7. Women incite men to rape. Fact: Research has found that the vast majority of rapes are planned. Rape is the responsibility of the rapist alone. Women, children and men of every age, physical type and demeanor are raped. Opportunity is the most important factor determining when a given rapist will rape.

8. Women often make false reports of rape. Fact: According to FBI crime statistics, less than 2 percent of the reported rape cases are found to be false. There are no more false reports of rape than there are of any other crime.

9. You can tell a rapist by the way he looks. Fact: Rapists are not physically identifiable. They may appear friendly, normal and non-threatening. Many are young, married and have children. Rapist types and traits however can be categorized.

10. Most rapists only rape one time. Fact: Most rapists rape again and again and again — until caught.

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