9-23 Library Books

The following books are available at the Portales Public Library:

By: Patrick Carman

This juvenile fiction book is about a boy named Edgar, a gifted climber, who is scaling the perilous cliffs that separate three worlds: a humble grove, a mysterious highland realm, and a vast wasteland. Edgar is looking for a treasure lost in the faded memory of his past, but the treasure reveals a coming catastrophe. Edgar soon finds that the world of Atherton is not what he thought it was, but something with a history more dangerous than he could ever imagine.

How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk
By: John Van Epp, Ph.D.

It’s something that has happened to almost everyone: you meet someone and fall madly in love and all good perspective and judgment are thrown out the window — until slowly you realize this person isn’t who you thought they were. By following the steps in How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk you can break the destructive dating patterns that have prevented your happiness in the past. This book maximizes your potential of finding ‘the one” by giving you the tools to focus on the crucial characteristics of a lasting, loving relationship.

Dead Heat
By: Dick Francis and Felix Francis

Max Moreton is a rising culinary star, and his restaurant has brought him great acclaim, but when nearly all the guests who enjoyed one of his meals fall victim to food poisoning, his kitchen is closed and his reputation takes a hit. Max must overcome the previous evening’s disaster and scramble to meet his next obligation of an exclusive luncheon for 40 in the private boxes at the 2,000 Guineas. When a bomb blast rips through the private boxes, killing some of Max’s trusted staff and many of the guests, Max is left to survey the ruins of the grandstands and his career. After two close calls, Max vows to protect his name and himself before it’s too late.