Family meals important

By Sheryl Borden

Information on machine appliqué, preparing healthy meals will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at noon Tuesday and at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Sewing expert, Roberta Amundson of Roberta’s Creations, will demonstrate how to do machine appliqué with a home embroidery machine. She’s from Oceanside, Calif.

Registered dietitian, Teresa Wagner represents DairyMax and emphasizes the need for family meals to encourage and teach sound nutrition principles to children. She’ll discuss the important role of dairy foods and share some recipes that are easy and fun for family members to make together. She’s from Fort Worth, Texas.

Cookbook author Marcie Rothman has lots of ideas for enjoying turkey in recipes year ‘round. Her company is called Western Research Kitchen and she’s from San Diego, Calif.

Information on making slipcovers for furniture, preparing side dishes and motility disorders will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday.

Joanie Johnson will show how to make various closures on slipcovers so furniture can be updated or changed according to the season. Johnson’s company is Slipcover Helps and she’s from Augusta, Ga.

Cookbook author, Janel Franklin will share some recipes that give a new slant on side dishes, such as green beans and corn. Her company is Jan-Su Publications and she’s from Tahoka, Texas.

Motility disorders, such as heartburn and indigestion, plague many people. Dietitian and author, Pat Baird will explain how to “be good to your gut” as she discusses digestive disorders. She lives in Greenwich, Conn.

Three Cheese Veggie and Beef Calzone
1 teaspoon olive or vegetable oil
1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion
1 cup sliced button
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)
2 cups baby spinach leaves
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes, drained
6 slices (6 oz) deli roast beef
3 slices Provolone cheese
1/2 cup (2 oz) low-fat shredded Mozzarella cheese
1 (4 oz) jar roasted red peppers, drained
4 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

Heat oil in a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Stir in onion and mushrooms, cook five minutes or until softened and lightly browned at edges. Stir in spinach and red pepper flakes. Remove skillet from heat and set aside. In a blender, add the 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes and puree until smooth, set aside.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. On a lightly floured work surface, cut dough into six equal pieces. With a rolling pin, roll each piece into a six-inch diameter. Spread one teaspoon of the sun-dried tomato paste over one dough circle. Place one slice of beef in center. Top with 1/2 a Provolone slice, some of the Mozzarella, some of the vegetable mixture, a piece of the roasted red pepper and Parmesan cheese. Fold circle of dough in half and press with fork to seal edges.
Place calzone on a foil-lined baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Repeat with remaining dough and ingredients. Bake about 30 minutes or until evenly browned and heated through. Serve hot or warm

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