Davis wins spot on hospital board

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Peggy Davis has been declared the winner in District 3 of the Roosevelt General Hospital Board election, by a margin of 160 to 84, according to officials with the Roosevelt County Clerk’s office.

“I am excited beyond words,” Davis said of her election win.

In Tuesday’s election, Davis received 81 votes while current RGH board member Boyd Evans received 47 votes. In early voting, Davis earned 79 votes to Evans’ 37 votes. District 4 RGH board member Fred Anthony ran unopposed and received 43 votes, said Janet Collins, Roosevelt County clerk.

Davis previously worked at RGH as the pharmacist before resigning to campaign. Though she regretted having to resign, Davis stated that she felt it was an important move to make.

“I’m proud of the hospital. I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t,” Davis said.

While a resident in District 2, Davis ran against current RGH board member Terry Cone two years ago, losing by 15 votes, she said.

“I would like to thank all who came out and voted and supported and helped with the campaign. I had unbelievable support this time,” Davis said.

Though she declined to comment on what goals and plans she has once she assumes her position on the board in January, Davis did state that she is looking forward to working with the current board members and that she hoped to be an asset to the board.

“I want to mainly represent the people that elected me and the questions alot of them have had on their minds about the hospital,” Davis said.

“It’s been a good eight years served on the board and I wish the hospital all the best,” Evans said.