Fisher focuses on what area has to offer

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Roosevelt County Economic Development Recruiter Greg Fisher brings several years of experience in city and transportation planning, economic development and business and industry to his position.

Since taking over the new position Oct. 22, Fisher has been busy establishing and putting together a strategic planning process in an effort to see what types of business are needed and what citizens want to see in the community, he said.

“Greg really brings a tremendous experience to our community,” said Roosevelt County Community Development Corp. President Randy Knudson.

A strong focus of the RCCDC is to bring in more retail-oriented business in an effort to attract more people to the area, not only to add to the labor force but to mesh the communities and college together, Knudson said.

Avenues being explored to bring more people to the area include affordable housing, revitalizing the downtown area, and offering retail services that would attract students from the university and citizens, Fisher said.

“It’s (Portales) not a diamond in the rough, I think it’s a diamond,” Fisher said.

With the help of the city, the Mainstreet organization, the Chamber and the RCCDC, Fisher has been working to familiarize himself with the community and the needs of the area.

“We’ve got to get a list to work with that is realistic and achievable,” Fisher said.

Fisher said it is important not to lose sight of what already attracts people to the particular area.

“I believe the city and county are taking very progressive steps to manage quality growth,” Fisher said.