It’s their job: Lyda Essary

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Name: Lyda Essary

Job: Admissions Specialist for Heartland Continuing Care Center.

Time on the job: Since 2000

Background: Essary has worked in medical records and as a receptionist. She has worked in the same building for the past 15 1/2 years and has held positions with the old Roosevelt General Hospital, Presbyterian, Carriage Health Care and now with Heartland.

Q. Describe what your job entails?
A. Answering the phones, directing people to the correct departments, assisting the department heads as needed. I visit with families who are considering admitting family members to the nursing home.

Q. What is a typical day on the job like for you?
A. Busy, between families and employees the office stays quite busy. Answering phones and assisting people are the biggest things.

Q. Why did you choose this job?
A. As changes in the building happened I just fell into jobs and have never had to leave the building, plus I didn’t want to have to drive back and forth to Clovis.

Q. What type of training, if any, do you need for your job?
A. I don’t really need any (formal) training, it’s all hands-on and knowledge about Medicare and Medicaid.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. Visiting with families and the residents.

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