Dec. 16, 2007 Library Books

The following books are available at the Portales Public Library:
Fight Like a Girl and Win: Defense Decisions for Women
By Lori Hartman Gervasi
Unfortunately, women are susceptible to random acts of violence from stalking, sexual harassment, domestic violence, date rape, and worse. With this guidebook, women can learn how to increase their security, outsmart the bad guy and empower themselves with 26 self defense decisions that could save their lives. The author walks you through easy-to-follow, everyday steps for taking charge of your personal safety, training your reflexes, and if and when the time comes, using force. This guide also offers Defense Dos and Don’ts and other survival tactics that can help you prepare, stay strong.

The Good Teen: Rescuing Adolescence from the Myths of the Storm and Stress Years
By Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D
The thought of the teen years hold more dread than all the sleepless nights of infancy and scraped knees of childhood for many parents. The word teenager has become synonymous with trouble, but new research is dismantling old myths and redefining normal adolescence. Richard Lerner’s research reveals that in spite of the stereotypes, today’s teens are basically good kids who maintain healthy relationships with their parents. The Good Teen encourages new thinking that has been proven to fuel positive development in an energetic and optimistic way.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
By Kim Edwards
Forced by a blizzard in 1964 to deliver his own twins, Dr. David Henry makes a split decision that will alter his and his family’s lives forever. The first twin was born healthy, but the second has Down syndrome. Rationalizing that he is protecting his wife, the doctor sends the baby with the nurse to be institutionalized, but the nurse is unable to leave the infant and takes her away to raise her herself. So begins the story of two families ignorant of each other, but bound by the fateful decision made that winter night. Norah Henry, who continues to mourn the death of her daughter at birth remains inconsolable; Paul, their son, who raises himself as best as he can in a house grown cold with mourning, and Phoebe, the lost daughter who grows from a sunny child to a vibrant young woman whose mother loves her as fiercely as if she were her own.