Businesses to receive census forms

Freedom New Mexico

Businesses throughout the country, including those in Curry and Roosevelt counties, will receive the 2007 Economic Census this week, the U.S. Bureau of the Census announced Friday.

“Economic census forms that businesses receive in December will tell us how we are changing as a nation,” said Thomas Mesenbourg Jr., the Census Bureau’s associate director for economic programs. “Important economic indicators, such as gross domestic product, are directly related to the quality of the data we get from businesses in every industry and every locality.”

More information is available at, where businesses can look at benchmark values from the economic census to assess where they stand in the marketplace and to research market shares, salaries, product and sales trends, and site locations.

On the survey, businesses are asked to report information such as employment, payroll and the value of goods and services sold. Forms must be returned to the U.S. Census Bureau by Feb. 12, 2008. Businesses that receive forms are required by federal law to respond. Information about individual firms is kept confidential, and only aggregate industry data are published.