Jan. 6, 2008 Library Books

The following books are available from the Portales Public Library:

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Childhood Illnesses
By Leslie Young, MD
This new book by a recognized M.D. with his own pediatric office debunks myths and offers you a trusted reference for recognizing and troubleshooting common childhood illnesses. This helpful guide covers newborns to adolescents offering detailed information and helpful tips on fevers, cold remedies, antibiotics and vaccines, skin problems and diaper rashes, as well as, much more. Dr. Young gives you the straight facts, enabling you to avoid costly doctor visits and worrisome, sleepless nights. You’ll turn to this reliable reference time after time for reassurance and practical advice.

Cassandra’s Sister: Growing Up Jane Austen
By Veronica Bennett
Young Jenny is a girl with a head full of questions that no one seems able to answer. Jenny finds a place for her thoughts in the steady companionship of her sister Cassandra while surrounded by her busy parents and brothers. Country life for Jenny is a series of balls and visits, where conversation centers on one topic: marriage. With the arrival of Jenny’s worldly-wise cousin Eliza, everything is disrupted, bringing answers to some of her questions and providing a gem of an idea. Filled with romance and humor, this novel illuminates a writer’s coming of age, as Jenny transforms her country society into the masterpieces Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and herself into Jane Austen.

Ana’s Story
By Jenna Bush
This is the story of Ana, beginning the day she is born infected with HIV, transmitted from her young mother. Ana’s childhood becomes a blur of faint memories and secrets about her illness and the abuse she endures after the death of her mother when she is only 3. Shuffled from home to home, Ana rarely finds safety or love, but then she meets Berto, who is one of the only people Ana trusts with all her secrets, putting her on the path to breaking the silence that has harmed her and leading her to new beginnings, new sorrow and new hope. Ana’s Story is a powerful nonfiction account of a girl who struggles to break free from a vicious cycle of abuse, poverty and illness.