1-11-08 It’s their job

Name: Kelly Salaz

Job: Sales representative, Valley Furniture on the square in Portales

Time on Job: Seven years.

Background: Salaz grew up in Portales, graduated from Portales High School and attended Eastern New Mexico University. She moved away for a time but came back about 10 years ago to raise her three children.

“I felt this was a good place to raise my kids,” she said.

She previously owned her own retail business before coming to work at Valley Furniture.
What the job entails: “I help customers by gearing them toward what they’re needing for their home.”

Why she chose the job: “I have an artistic flair. There’s so much style to interior design … furniture and atmosphere. Atmosphere makes life fun.”

Training: Salaz’ training has primarily been on the job. “I do my own research and I try to keep updated on the latest fads as well as the classics.”

What she enjoys about the job: “I found I enjoy helping customers. I enjoy people; they energize me.

“It’s always new. New personalities, new products … And it always seems that in this line of work, most people, when they’re shopping, they’re in a good mood.”