2-17-08 Public Record

The following people recently applied for a marriage license with the Roosevelt County clerk’s office:
• Anthony D. Wallace, 19, of Clovis and Samantha Marie Harper, 19, of Clovis.
• Aaron Davis Clark, 21, of Clovis and Crystal Ann Lopez, 26, of Clovis.
• Emery G. Lomaintewa, 19, of Portales and Samantha Alexa Rea Ochoa, 15, of Portales.
• Trevor Clay Freeman, 17, of Portales and Patricia Jean Fannin, 28, of Portales.
• Daniel E. Zion, 35, of Portales and Julie M. Rogers, 42, of Portales.
• Nathan Benny Ulibarri, 20, of Portales and Erin Destiny ShaDawn Thompson, 17, of Portales.