Muleshoe bank evacuated for bomb threat

By Sharna Johnson, Freedom New Mexico

The area around Muleshoe State Bank was blocked off for more than two hours Wednesday as police responded to a bomb threat, according to Muleshoe Police Chief Brian Frieda.

A bomb detection dog was taken through the bank and determined there were no explosives. Police cleared the scene around 2 p.m. (CST) and the bank resumed business, Frieda said.

Bank personnel received a call before noon reporting a bomb in the bank and police responded to the scene, Frieda said.

“There really wasn’t much to it. The call was taken and we responded and the building was cleared and they’ve gone on about their business,” he said.

Frieda said it is an ongoing, active investigation.

Annette Bonds, whose husband owns a dental practice across the street from the bank, said around 1:30 p.m., officers came into her office and cautioned her to keep the blinds closed and stay indoors.

“Oh it’s exciting,” Bonds said with a chuckle, explaining they were still conducting business in the office. “(Our patients are) having a hard time getting here. They’re having to come up the back way through the alley,” she said.

Muleshoe State Bank is located on the corner of U.S. 84 and Highway 214 inside the city limits of Muleshoe.