Student body president good fit

By Liliana Castillo, Freedom New Mexico

ENMU student body president Mario Cabrera, 23, is dressed down today in a button up shirt and jeans. But he stands out as more neatly dressed than most of his collegiate counterparts. His usual garb is much more stately, he said. More often than not, Cabrera can been seen around campus in a suit and tie.

Battling ageism: I have to meet college officials and if I’m trying to address student issues and I show up in a T-shirt and jeans, they won’t take me seriously. It’s because of my age.

Three majors: I started as a vocal performance major, switched to criminal justice and then last semester switched to psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I’ve been involved in music all through high school and I love music but I didn’t want to be a music teacher. I decided criminal justice was a better calling for me. My uncle is a detective for the district attorney in Clovis and I wanted to do what he was doing. But criminal justice requires an internship, and I don’t have time for an internship.

In psychology terms: It’s very easy but very interesting. I’m interested in personality types. I’m definitely an extrovert.

Favorite movies: I like cop movies, like Training Day and The Recruit. That’s just what I’m interested in.

Currently playing: I like all sorts of music. Classical, Spanish, country a lot and the girlie stuff like Avril Lavigne. But I’m probably listening to Keith Urban or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They’re easy to sing along with.

Political beginnings: I like giving back to the community. I like identifying problems, working on them and seeing results. A lot of people complain and never act. I complain and talk to whoever I need to to get it fixed.

On national politics: I’m kind of young. I don’t really know what I fall under yet. I’m registered as a Republican but I see a lot of good things I like with Senator Obama and Senator McCain. I like to hear the issues and make a decision. I don’t think I’m a Republican so I have to vote Republican. But if I had to say, I would vote for McCain.

Filling empty hours: I’ve got to stay busy. It’s just how I am. But if I had a few extra hours, I’d go hang out with my fraternity brothers. Or go hang out with my mom in Texas. I don’t get to see her much.