Police Blotter March 9, 2008

The following is a sampling of calls placed to Portales police dispatchers over the last week. According to reports:

• A caller reported that someone broke into his house on West 15th Lane while he was gone.

• A caller said someone broke into his house on East Danube while gone. A garage door sustained damage.

• A caller who had been out of town reported that someone had broken into his home on South Indio Street.

• A caller requested an ambulance as a 22-year-old male has been assaulted by several other males at a 14th Street and Avenue D. convenience store.

• A caller reported that someone knocked on her door on West Fir Street and a man tried to force his way in the house but was chased by her dog.

• A caller reported a BB hole through her window on South Avenue F.

• In Elida, a caller reported 10 head of cattle missing.

• A caller reported a suspicious subject on a bike, with a backpack, looking in cars near University Avenue and South Avenue I.

• A subject requested to talk to officers to report possible fraud. According to the report, a subject was walking around town scamming or trying to scam elderly for a water system.

l A caller requested a police officer to break up a fight at a park near Amazon and Elgin. The officer then requested an ambulance for a girl having an asthma attack.

l A caller on South Avenue J reported that someone kept knocking on her door and running away and would not stop knocking.

l A girl reportedly walked into a package store on South Ave. D, grabbed a bottle and walked out, getting into a silver, two-door car with New Mexico plates.