Calton Furniture closing doors after decades

By Thomas Garcia, PNT Staff Writer

After nearly half a century of friendly customer service, quality merchandise and family savvy, Calton Furniture will be closing its doors.

There is no certain date yet for when the store will close. Co-owner Sharon Davis says that will happen when all the pieces are sold or the entire business is sold.

“We would like to sell the business to a family or group that would continue to operate the business,” Davis said. “It takes a special person or group to want to run a business in a small town. They must have great customer relations, financial know-how and stamina to work six days a week.”

Davis and her brother Bill Calton purchased the store from their parents, George and Clytie Calton, 11 years ago.

“We have made many friends over the years,” Davis said. “Our children were raised in this building, and grandchildren usually come by here every day.”

One of the things that Calton and Davis will miss are the friends they have made while operating the store.

“Over the years I have become friends with the sales reps, mailman, UPS drivers and several truck drivers.” Calton said.

“Over the past 11 years I can not think of one day that someone has not come into the store just to visit with Bill and I,” said Davis.

“A friend of ours, Murray Jeffries, came into the store a few months ago with a receipt from when he furnished his entire house in 1964,” Davis said. “The receipt was for $1,800 and he told me that he still had every piece of that furniture.”