National Day of Prayer events planned

By Janet Bresenham, Freedom New Mexico

Many people throughout Portales, Clovis and across the United States will dedicate themselves to one common purpose next week: the power of prayer.

For this year’s National Day of Prayer, local groups have organized a variety of events and services beginning Wednesday and Thursday to rally area men, women and youth to pray.

The Rev. Dave McVey, pastor of Central Christian Church of Portales and president of the Portales Ministerial Alliance, said he thinks the National Day of Prayer serves as an important reminder that God cares about people and hears their prayers.

“It’s an opportunity to turn our minds and our hearts to God — to look up from the struggles and difficulties we face every day and realize that God loves us and He’s there for us and we need God,” McVey said. “It’s important for us to remember that God really is real.”

Retired U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Dave Boswell, who along with his wife Rhonda helped spearhead the organization of the Clovis events, said he believes the nation needs prayer more than ever, especially with so many issues and challenges facing Americans.

“We’re at a very critical point in our nation,” Boswell said. “But if we get on our knees and pray, God can heal this nation. Prayer is something my wife and I have a real passion for because we think prayer accomplishes a lot. We’ve seen so many things happen because of prayer.”

Nationwide, people are being asked to focus next week and all year long on seven main areas for prayer: government, military, media,

business, education, church and family. Area event organizers added three more areas for prayer, which they consider vitally important: agriculture, the poor and less fortunate, and racial reconciliation.

Both Portales and Clovis plan to usher in Thursday’s National Day of Prayer