Time capsule to be unearthed today by Portales High seniors

By Helena Rodriguez, PNT Staff Writer

They say you can’t save time in a bottle, but maybe in a capsule.

Several Portales High School seniors who graduate today were part of a third-grade class at R.M. James Elementary School who buried a time capsule in 2000 at the school. They were told that the time capsule would be unearthed when they graduate from high school.

PHS senior Anthony Torres is among a group of students reminding others who were a part of the third grade class in Portales to come help them unseal the time capsule at 1 p.m. today.

“I’ve been thinking about this time capsule for a really long time. I remember, we each got one item and put it in the time capsule,” said Torres.

Although he could not remember what item he contributed, he’s certain he will recognize it when he sees it.

W.E. Lindsey Middle School Principal Rick Segovia was a third grade teacher at James school at the time the time capsule was buried and he plans to be present for its unsealing. He noted that second-graders from 2000 — current high school juniors — are also welcome, since they also contributed to the time capsule.

“We invite all current high school seniors, teachers and staff to attend,” Segovia said.

Segovia said the time capsule is buried in front of the school and said that the general location of it is marked, although he said they may have to search the general area for it.

Segovia said that the time capsule was a school-wide event and said that teacher Patsy Neely thought up the idea of having it unsealed just before third-graders graduated from high school.

According to Segovia, the time capsule includes music from the time, dated newspapers from 2000, donated items by students and even a video tape in which students were interviewed and asked what they want to be when they grow up. Students can view artifacts as well as the video in the multipurpose room at James today.