Bike shop sees growing interest in two-wheel transportation

By Sarah Meyer, PNT Staff Writer

More people are showing an interest in bicycles as a primary form of transportation with gas approaching $4 a gallon, according to the owner of the local bike shop.

Roger Rehder, owner of Bicycles Sales and Service, said the bicycle business is seasonal, usually running from March through September. Last year and even more so this year as gas prices soar, Rehder said he’s seen more interest in bikes.

The most popular is what he calls a hybrid bike, made by Sun. It’s a cross between a mountain bike and a cruiser.

“People are buying it to get around,” Rehder said. “In a town like Portales where everything is close in, you can ride just about anywhere you’re going.”

Rehder uses his bike for daily transportation. He says he only uses his car when he has to buy a lot of groceries.

He said that is where he differs from his mentor, Marlin Poynor, whom he worked with before buying the business a couple of years ago.
“Marlin really liked to compete,” Rehder said.

Poynor, who now lives in Shallowater, Texas, said he moved there because his wife was sick and they needed to be closer to doctors.
He said he still rides a bicycle, but he no longer races.

“The people I ride with are a lot younger than I am,” he said.

Poynor had no qualms about selling the business to Rehder.

“Roger is a good person,” said Poynor. “He knows how to treat people; he knows how to fix bikes.”

Rehder said he really enjoys the “mechanical aspect” of bicycles. “They’re made to work,” he said as he prepared to replace a sprocket on a young man’s BMX bike.

Poynor opened the bike shop after retiring from Poynors’ Home and Auto, where bicycles were sold starting in 1959. He started the bike shop with a focus on repairs but after a few years, he brought in “the best line of high end road bikes — Felt.”

Rehder still carries that line, along with Sun, and BMX trick bikes, as well as a full line of accessories.

“I couldn’t have done this without Marlin’s help,” said Rehder.

“I have a lot of respect for Roger,” said Poynor. “I know he’ll deal honestly with everybody.”