Kids’ College offers interesting summer activities

By Helena Rodriguez, PNT Staff Writer

Slots are still open in all age groups for Eastern New Mexico University’s annual summer Kids’ College, which begins on Monday and runs each weekday through July 25.

Kids’ College is held daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Technology Building at ENMU for children ages 6-12 years old.

“Kids’ College gives children something to do. They don’t have to spend the summer at home watching TV and parents can know their kid are safe and are having a good time in a good, quality program,” said Kasey Cash, the lead teacher of Kids’ College.

Under ENMU’s Kids’ College program, children participate in a variety of planned activities each day under a child-teacher ratio of about one counselor to every dozen children. Activities include field trips, arts and crafts, science, reading, physical education, special event days and cool-off activities as well.

According to Lukas Cash, the new special programs coordinator at ENMU, Kids’ College can handle a capacity of 90 children and currently has only 70 slots filled.

Kasey said one advantage to the program is that parents do not have to pay for the entire eight-week program. They can pay for one week at a time and can pay for only weeks that their children will attend.

“The children do not have to attend all summer because I know a lot of families go on vacations,” Kasey said. “They can go to the Distance Education office in Quay Hall and pay for the time they want. As long as we have slots open, they can come back. We are a flexible program.”

Among the planned field trips are scheduled outings to go bowling, to the Hillcrest Zoo and Casel-Land Fun Center in Clovis. Kasey said special activities will also be held such as Crazy Week in which the Kids’ College holds a Pajama Day, a Kids’ College Olympics and a Holiday Week, which will be somewhat of a Christmas in July and more as children hunt for Easter eggs, have a costume day and other such activities.

Among the other Kids’ College plans, according to Kasey, are to start a recycling project on campus during the eight-week summer program and have a Sprinkler Day once a week. ENMU’s natatorium swimming pool is closed for the summer due to renovations.

Lukas said the Kids’ College staff has worked hard to keep the curriculum fresh so students are not doing the same thing every day, let alone two years in a row.

“There is so much information out there that says kids lose a lot during the summer,” Lukas said. “We don’t want to pound the kids with too much information here and we don’t want them to look at the program as an extension of school. They will do fun activities. Kids’ College is a long-running program and is very well-respected,” he said.