Google enjoying financial freedoms while snubbing vets


Picture a thankless child, disrespecting his parents amid the trappings of a holiday gift orgy they provided.

The spoiled brat could symbolize Google billionaires, who seem unappreciative of the opportunities afforded them by American military might.

Each year, last week included, they snub fallen American service men and women by ignoring Memorial Day in their own special and obvious way.

Google, founded in part by Russian-born immigrant Sergey Brin, is well known for its financial support of leftist politicians — something it has every right to do.

Progressive billionaire entrepreneurs also have the right to disrespect those who’ve given their lives to make this country the best place on Earth to amass personal wealth.

Americans support the right of spoiled brats to disrespect the country, and those who’ve made it great. People die trying to protect that right, in fact.

While respecting the right, however, patriotic Americans should take joy in thumbing their noses at the practice. Billionaire brats have rights, but they’re not entitled to respect.

Part of Google’s defining character is its practice of altering the company logo on special days, and frequent users of the search engine have come to expect it.

Google honors Halloween with carved pumpkins in place of the double Os. It treats us to a special Earth Day logo. The site went dark during Earth Hour (cute).

Logos have honored remembrance days for the dead soldiers of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia. In October 2007, reports WorldNetDaily, Google honored the former communist Soviet Union for launching Sputnik.

Other logos have honored Women’s Day, World Water Day, etc.

Google executives have agreed to allow the Chinese government to censor words they dislike, such as “democracy,” from search results.
We get it. Google flaunts a counter-cultural agenda.

But Google flourishes in freedom only because Americans have died for the cause.

Earth Day honors environmental activism, and that’s important to Google. Halloween honors “trick or treat,” and that’s important to Google.

Memorial Day honors those who died to protect the freedom of young entrepreneurs to succeed and prosper and amass billions — something never achieved in the communist countries Google is gaga over.

Yet fallen American heroes are people Google clearly chooses to dis. It’s never had a special logo design for Memorial Day despite numerous complaints. It’s not like it can’t come up with any good ideas — one online blogger asked readers for suggestions and received 250 possibilities.
Also worth noting: Google didn’t produce a commemorative Veterans Day logo until 2007.

But don’t worry, Google billionaires. America’s underpaid troops will continue to fight and die for your right to prosper in the USA — and to thumb your nose at them.